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Artist Statement: I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, a descendent of the Yaqui Indians of Northern Mexico. My late father, Eulogio Moreno was a major influence in the development of my art. He was a carver, painter, sculptor and instrument maker, as well as a musician. The most valuable trait my father passed on to me is his love to create art from found objects. Painting for me is spiritual and a part of me goes into every painting. I paint what I love and on the canvas I try to capture the essence of the human spirit. I find my inspiration all around, in the beauty of everyday people, the earth that envelops me. Most of all the people (Yoeme’m) of my tribe and the Yaqui culture that I love and protect with a good heart. -David Moreno “The need for expression and the need to create, not by the hand of man, but through divine intervention…” - M. Buonarroti - David Moreno's Artwork can be seen at: Casino of the Sun, Yoeme Tekia Museum, Silverbell Trading 7119 N. Oracle Road Tucson, Arizona (520) 797-6852, Raices Taller 222 Art Gallery 218 E. 6th. Street Tucson, AZ 85705 (520) 881- 5335  -Contact artist for studio visit.

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