Tucson Arizona Holiday Inn Hotel

The vibrant Arizona city of Tucson, often overshadowed by its better-known brother Phoenix, often doesn't get as much attention as it should. Few people consider Tucson a prime vacation destination, though they should, and the only thing most people know about Tucson is that it is home to the University of Arizona.

Although the area is mostly residential, the neighborhoods around the University of Arizona have great shops, restaurants and bars, so there's always something to do or see in the neighborhood. The colorful and historic houses that line the streets are worth a visit, and there are always activities and activities to do or see in these neighborhoods.

This 19th century neighborhood has Sonoran-style townhouses that make you feel like you're in Mexico, not Arizona. Although the area is now predominantly residential, one can only imagine that it was in the 1880s, when some of the wealthiest and most influential residents of the city lived here.

We made our way through the university district, which has many great restaurants, most of which are - for money friendly - financially strapped students. We strolled through the streets, absorbing the excitement and energy of the area, and finally passed the university's largest campus, which was lined with tall palm trees and an impressive number of restaurants and bars. I understand why the campus has attracted so many young students over the years. After an afternoon hike in the desert we returned to the hotel to take a shower and refresh ourselves before dinner. Grab a snack at one of our local restaurants, such as Bistro de Tucson, or grab a drink at a local bar or restaurant and grab another snack at the local grocery store before you head out to eat.

Walking through El Presidio, we were so fascinated by the rich history of Tucson that we wanted to see one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city. We visited the Barrio Historico and, walking through the shops of local artists, we noticed that this old neighborhood of Tucson seemed to be home to many artists. True, it is the oldest neighborhood in Tucson, with a history that is richer than any other in the state of Arizona.

As someone who has stayed at this property before, I am sure we were all told by others that it is one of the oldest hotels in the state of Arizona. As someone who has stayed on the property Before that, we certainly have all these things, and many others.

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